About Dr. Shaheen Mian MD

I, Dr Shaheen Mian started my career in Massachusetts in 1995 as I returned from my job with the Federal Govt in Kentucky where I was serving the underserved population. I spent 2 years in Kentucky where I faced many challenges of rural medicine with tertiary facilities more than 100 miles away. It was an experience that I could not forget.

Then I started to work at Milton Hospital as an employee of the hospital and remained in that position for 5 years. During this period I was able to establish myself and so I decided to work for myself. I became in charge of running my Internal Medicine practice in 2000.

I see a variety of patients from different ethnic backgrounds, I also see adult patients of all ages including some adolescents who are transferring their care from their pediatrician. We have office hours 4 days a week and we are open 1 Saturday a month for those patients who have difficulty getting their checkups during the week, and I accept all insurance plans. The atmosphere is very friendly as it is a 1 physician office and the office staff is very welcoming.

In todays fast paced environment where physicians are expected to do a lot more administrative work and also deal with the business aspect of the practice it takes time away from medical care and so we have to work harder and smarter. The medical landscape is changing and yet more is coming as we brace ourselves for this change. I hope it will be a good change for all of us because most of all we want to practice good medicine and advocate for our patients. This I believe is the primary responsibilty of a physician.

Please feel free to give us a call at 617-696-5118. We are located in the Medical Office Building in the premises of Milton Hospital at 100 Highland St Milton MA 02186.